Truth or Dare


Earlier this year I had the distinct pleasure of hosting yet another one of Axhoundation’s intensely well-curated interdisciplinary seminars. This year’s theme Sanning och Konsekvens – which in Swedish means both “Truth and Consequence” and “Truth or Dare” – covered topics ranging from Fake News to No-Till Farming. UR televised the whole thing, which you can see on Kunskapskanalen today 15-18, on Sunday Dec 10th at 9-12, and thereafter on UR Play.

Among the speakers: Paul Rapacioli of TheLocalJeppe Wikström of Last Night in Sweden, Maureen Hoppers from ÖppnaDörren, Jan Helin from SVTÅsa Wikforss and Gustav Nilsonne from Stockholm University, Maria Wolrath Söderberg from Södertörns Högskola, Ola Rosling from Gapminder, Alexandra Silfverstolpe Tolstoy from Data Act LabMorten Kjærum from Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Ebba Åkerman and Lina Makso from Invitationsdepartementet, Jabou Foon from Sisters in businessDavid R. Montgomery from University of Washington, Anna Westerbergh from SLUWilliam Håkansson from Vultus, the marvelous Angela Oguntala of Greyspace and yours truly (although I as the moderator have probably been mostly edited out).

(image by Lisa Pelling)

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