A complete list of books is here.

Working freelance in Swedish, Finnish and English for customers in the daily and periodical presses.

Columnist for Arbetsliv, Film editor of Fönstret.

Has previously worked as a columnist for Dagens Nyheter, Hufvudstadsbladet VOLT (Volt texts not available online) and Svenska DagbladetFokus, Damernas Värld, and Fönstret.

Blogged about film and television on the Stora Blogpriset-nominated group blog Weird Science. Private blog Skeletor is in Swedish and in a deep sleep.

Read more about the uniquely Nordic manga Oblivion High and other comics project with Nina von Rüdiger here.

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Read more about essays and criticism here. The book about Carola Häggkvist written with Andreas Ekström belongs here, but it also has a blog of its own (in Swedish).

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