Script writing half of manga studio Ms. Mandu (the art is by hyper-talented Nina von Rüdiger, a.k.a. rama). Ms. Mandu were guests of honour at Finncon-Animecon 2008 and at the Helsinki Comic Book Festival 2008, and did artists’ appearances at Tracon 2009 and at the Kemi Comic Book Festival in the same year.

The five-part series Oblivion High is published by Finnish literary publisher Otava. The first book, Vaihdokas, was published in March 2008. The second, Kade, was published in May, 2009. The third installment Laulu was published in 2011.

A reworked and frankly superior version of Oblivion High was published in Sweden by Kolik Förlag in March 2012. A second Swedish volume, Oblivion High 2, came out in 2014.

Ms. Mandu blog in Finnish and Swedish.