Prose Fiction

Occasional author of short fiction, that has appeared in Fokus, Koululainen and Vinski. The Oblivion High comic books also include prose fiction elements integral to the overall story.

Vellumbarnet. En novell från Novellix nr 35 (Novellix, 2013)

Short story in Karin Mossed, red: Avståndet mellan (X publishing, 2012)

Short erotic radio play Morgana, for Radioteatern (the Radio Theatre at the Swedish National Radio), in May 2011.

Short story/ TV script ‘Toimistorotat’ in Merja Hemmilä (ed): Ihastuttavat eläinsadut (Book/CD/DVD. Susamuru 2010). ISBN 978-952-67375-1-5

Short story Det här är ingen finsk sommar, published in Fokus in July, 2008.

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